AI architectures dev_: A regenerative set of state of the art design infrastructure methodologies.

Urban regenerative thresholds research. City buildings, industrial structures refurbishing.

After thousands of hours of iterative neural cognitive development, we start to find a workaround AI neural interaction. An approach to explore MJ trained database and iterative diffusion data methods. How to produce architecture design ecologies development with the tools we make and train, algorithms and data logic analytics, getting ready to lead into AI access nodes, where you can create one if you want, or train then prompt neural network interfaces around, of course with elevated logics neural algorithms programmatic paraphernalia, but the next thing to do, it’s what to say, how to measure weight of significance? design a methodology!, staring at a productive regenerative agenda. From the computational design realm and being comfortable with heavy lifting of architectural technology systems while creating design optimization, details, and fabrication of complex solutions; the logic in this mission we think, it’s to help, rebuilding the built environment and travel over earth, fixing its pain and finally learn about how we induce some of the spaceship chaos and coexist with its mechanisms in thin equilibrium, the acceleration of the regenerative? by helping about paradigm shift deployment where it’s dusty and dark around access to technology operative know how.

An AI conversation about memories.

Ecatepec, rainy nights, 1990’s. Memories MJ AI research.

The first thing to create with AI is around dark forgotten daily street realism, memories of rainy after midnights looking for arcade tournaments around Ecatepec, a super local and strange scenery of teen naive urban adventures. A description of memories to open a casual AI chit chat; to know each other, iterate, interact, training, test the weight and resonance of our words, going forward to a dialogue about the design of what it’s being built, but not filling the blanks of default styles, we are interested into reading between lines, of what lies behind, the objects essence, the significance of the digital diffused artifacts. Conscious about social media gossiping, and trying to care about context and historic momentum, neon cyber hippies’ techies! about loving, then taking care, then, emergency, then built environment regeneration maybe? We orient ourselves, to taking a ride with AI and deploy a well weighted prompt and lexical close up to our cultural database. Learn to blade a pencil and deploy concepts rendering methodologies, structural detail, or installations core extravaganza, into a coherent architectural craft with a soul of adaptative generative pipeline.

DECOLONIZATION, an action as natural as it can be successfully achieved for a contextual regional emergence requirement. A transition ready to happen where the multimodal, where the thick of the traffic happens, emerging into a contemporary surface of hyperconnectivity where our history of urban configuration success and not so, it’s explicit. And governance, ordinance, theologies, politics tendencies dirty clothes arise, and the urban regenerative reconfiguration needs to consider such parameters.

Cities are evolving into dynamic interactive networks, where the architectural covers shells human activities. Train stations, airports, residences, roof/shelter/column/beam/joint/structure, all has been already said in the data set, so what it’s what we don’t know? Then we prompt with MJ about what we know it’s not related, there is lack of conceptual connectivity between constructive urbanism, classic gods hand architect’s city landscapes and human productive capabilities in correlation with natural biota/phenomena behavior. We teach in universities about knowledge workarounds, but little about intensive daily common human life. Re prompting the urban city”ism” about what it’s out of boundaries, cultural alienized, with some bias, remixing the idea of city as ordered chaos, but as a refurbishing smart material, a geometrized artifact, coming into life as an object created through behavior analysis and SIMPLECTIC perspective of physics, energy, and circular economy parameters of human settlements resource transformation. Then a sight of decolonization can come into a recalibration of technology, resources agenda and exploring of our newly built environment full of sanitary dumps all around us. Our trash will emerge from our tectonic ground no matter what palliatives measures we take.

The topic with AI about filling the blanks, where we lack attention, under the rug. It’s with a choice to take about regenerative adaptability: our garbage like the sea tide always brings it back to the shore or choose nature upfilling the city with green bio reactive and healthy biotas swirling and exploring the optimized reconfigured city.

Generative bioreactive urban experiences.

Embedded adaptative hybrid structures, neumatic pods, 3d threshold cultivated frames with irrigation automated systems, rising from the milpas ditch and aquaeroponics chinampas, modular refurbishing, readapting city through regenerative and productive cyber bio structural procedures.

Symbiotic set of regenerative urban refurbish city landscapes by David Hernández Melgarejo.

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