Suicidator City Generator / Python + Blender

Suicidator City Generator (SCG) is a Python script for Blender. In other words it is a program written in the Python programming language that runs inside the Blender environment.

With it, you can automatically create entire, three-dimensional modern cities in a matter of seconds by adjusting various parameters, such as city size and complexity, rather than creating each building, each street, and each texture manually.

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We enjoy cross-fertilization of ideas within computational architecture, design, Accelerationism, OOO, Parametric and Generative Design as well as avant-garde technology & traditional concepts. Our vision distills complex scenarios and delivers sustainable and human-friendly tech, business and optimization solutions. We understand conceptualization as the seed of awe –and innovation spaces as a source of human sustainability. We are happy to evolve civilization within ecological equilibrium.

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