3D Printing and Digital Fabrication Laboratory implementation.

3D print machines development. Prusa i3, REP_RAP, Proyectos Arquitectónicos. Prototipos Computarizados. Geometría Desrcriptiva. -Tecnológico de Monterrey CEM. Escuela de Diseño, Ingeniería y Arquitectura.

2015-09-24 15.44.22




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We enjoy cross-fertilization of ideas within computational architecture, design, Accelerationism, OOO, Parametric and Generative Design as well as avant-garde technology & traditional concepts. Our vision distills complex scenarios and delivers sustainable and human-friendly tech, business and optimization solutions. We understand conceptualization as the seed of awe –and innovation spaces as a source of human sustainability. We are happy to evolve civilization within ecological equilibrium.

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