Generative Terrain!

The 3d modeling experience: Advanced design for Architectures development.

Custom 3d terrain modeling. Geological adaptation, and digital analysis.

The state of the art methodologies that sustains generative design and custom digital fabrication: DfAM and geometric optimization.

Not mesh, not nurbs… scripting its what you need to start rising your design manifestations… don’t be afraid to insert generative muhaha! into your workflow.

Geometry design it’s a deep learning space, but computation, some math and sketching can drive you far away. Robotics help, leading the Project data (3d Information model, BIM, FIM, etc), parameters and measurements, into the construction, by pushing fabrication expression and advanced material generative manipulation.


Always happy to share advanced computational design knowledge.

If you need the script or consultancy, don’t doubt to ask! =)

Logics by Master ARQ David Hernández Melgarejo.

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