Aquaponic Fish

Regenerative spaces.

Aquaponics within generative architectures.

While it stares at how I move, swirling around, happy to define my position, I get conscious that I’m still learning to evolve my space comfort. As a quantum experience, our notion of function and pleasure it’s connected, linked through process and methods of instrumentation to transform materials. We look where to expand and always eager to discover new experiences, the architectural habitat starts to develop the entropy within our archetypal life system.

Aquaponics system. BIO|Architecture Studio Laboratory Research: Biofilters.

Aquaponics teaches us expansion through small and universal ecology compositions. Liquid as a medium of existence, and a playground where food, waste and life converge in complex symbiosis happening under the hood of biological filtering.

Aquaponics it’s the oldest representation of our planet life cycle systems. The Watercycle, “la Guerra florida” where everything has a beginning and flows through existence.

It’s a reminder mirroring the capabilities of space transformation, food production and water treatment inside our living space, pushing the experience of regeneration in age of the post-Anthropocene. A challenge that it’s time to achieve, where the collection of knowledge thriving to network with our efforts to relaunch civilization. Aquaponics it’s about growing fish, vegetables and taking care of it in community, it will expand and fulfill food, resources and waste processing needs to rise regenerative live architectures.

Looking at our sunny spaces, days of rain and wind; in each community, there’re opportunities to start again, aside our complex needs, a last standing ecological society.

Written by bioarchitecturestudio

We enjoy cross-fertilization of ideas within computational architecture, design, Accelerationism, OOO, Parametric and Generative Design as well as avant-garde technology & traditional concepts. Our vision distills complex scenarios and delivers sustainable and human-friendly tech, business and optimization solutions. We understand conceptualization as the seed of awe –and innovation spaces as a source of human sustainability. We are happy to evolve civilization within ecological equilibrium.

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